Are you right handed or left handed?

i’m left-handed. one day i’ll learn to be ambidextrous.

until then i will continue to smear graphite across the edge of my hand when i write. 

i have a love

there’s an unopened loaf of Italian bread chilling here in the break room at work and i sat down next to it and was like “whatcha doin…ya just…loafin around?” and started cracking up at myself


o.o Do you hate Captain america?

firstly, i’ve never read anything captain america or watched anything captain america, nor have i seen the avengers. i don’t care about a lot of superhero movies. but captain america looks the funniest so i pick on him a lot.

that’s right, captain america has a bully and it’s HARLEY DAY 

hey harley! big fan. you may know me. can you draw me craptain asshole? thanks! nice fic

I have the same haircut as you, but I was wondering; how do you style yours? It looks like it's... curled inwards and sharper? Maybe I'm crazy and that's just the way it's cut, but it looks really nice!

that’s just how it is (or was) cut when it was fresh.

now it’s more of a fame monster thing going on


But why do you have a skeleton lying around...

??? implying that everyone DOESN’T have a skeleton lying around???

ya weird

am i right? am i right??? i’m right


ok a few days ago i was rummaging through my stuff and i guess i accidentally dismembered my skeleton in the process and every time i pass his little leg i laugh so hard because i just imagine him like bursting through my door like 


the culprit in question B|

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